Kalabia is the first site in Iran that offers all these services to you once

What is kalabia?

kalabia consists of three sites

1- kalabia online store

2- kalabia online school

3- kalabia online service

Each of these sites provides a lot of services to our customers (sellers, buyers, teachers, ticket sellers, etc.)

We help you with fast and efficient support so that you do not have any problems in these services and do your job faster than before.

In the following, we will introduce each of the Calabia sites and give a brief explanation about them

kalabia Online Store

On this site we give you the opportunity to both buy and sell. By registering as a buyer, you can find and order the product you want. You can even download and use the items that are in the form of files (books, applications or software, etc.). ..

But by registering on this site, sellers will own an online store with a dedicated panel with many features that on the counter page, they can have a general overview of their store.

kalabia Online School

In this site, it is possible for you to add to your knowledge and information by registering and participating in the course. It is interesting to know that some courses are held live with students and teachers, and some classes can be viewed by the instructor by preparing a video and uploading it on the course page. You can ask your questions on the page of each course and after the end of the course, the certificate of that course will be given to you. Other features of this service include the announcements section and its tests. In the announcements section, its important announcements. The course is provided to you by the course instructor and in the exam section, the instructor can take exams from his students. This service also has more capabilities that are not included in this section due to their large number

However, instructors can register for the course by registering on this site, and by teaching the course live or offline (recorded) they can earn money from those courses.

kalabia online service

In this site, we have many services and services available to you, such as consulting in various fields of hotel or table reservation, concert tickets and webinars, registration of various classes such as sports and art classes and many other services. In fact, kalabia online services are a complement to its other sites

But service providers can register their request for service and follow it and use its many services.

Service providers

If you are a service provider, you can register by clicking the button below